Any Old Iron Beyonce Jacket

$ 5,000

All hail the Queen B, in all her glory! Covered in pure rhinestones with an otherworldly glow, this jacket is the Beyonce of all jackets. It is the definition of opulent, from the lustrous exterior to the satin interior. If that isn't enough for you to add this sparkly wonder to your cart, the vast storage will! Along the exterior of the jacket, three pockets can found for easy safe-keeping of any essentials you may need. If you open the jacket, along the interior lining, you will see a more intimate pocket to house those personal items, as well as a rich silky smooth satin lining.  Needless to say, this jacket has it all, including our hearts! It is the perfect jacket for any alien superstar!


Trousers are included. This jacket is available only for custom orders. If you are interested in purchasing the Beyonce Jacket and have any questions or concerns, please DM us! If you do purchase this stunning blazer, you will receive it within 14 days of ordering. email for details


*** Please note this jacket weighs in the region of 10lb and is not for the feint hearted! No breakdancing advised, item comes with 1 year warranty for any repairs.


To care for your jacket,  please get it dry cleaned. If there are tiny problem areas within the interior lining, you may resort to spot cleaning for a quick fix. To do so, use cool water and a mild soap to tend to the area. DO not submerge the jacket, just get it ever so lightly damp. Rinse gently and hang the jacket to dry. 

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