Any Old Iron Black Sequin Jacket

$ 1,250

Black is back and better that ever! How? Any Old Iron has made a reversible sequin jacket that is - you guessed it - completely black! This show-stopping, refined blazer features all the usual suit attributes: an elongated lapel; a hidden clasp; a complimentary back vent; and pockets, both on the inside and out. Not to mention, the interior of this badass blazer is completely adorned with a satin for optimal comfort, breathability, and razzle dazzle. If that doesn't convince you to add this wardrobe essential to your cart, the versatility will! This jacket is perfect for any event, from bidding at formal fundraiser to closing a business deal. All it needs to be completed is YOU!

38 Size small in stock. If you are interested in an alternative size, you can custom order your jacket! If you are interested in placing a custom order, please email for details. If you have any questions or concerns, please DM us and we will get back to you as soon as possible. 

To care for your blazer, please get it dry-cleaned. If there are tiny problem areas, you may resort to spot cleaning. To do so, please use cool water and a mild soap. Use your fingertips to gently rinse the area and allow the garment to hang to dry. This jacket is made out of 100% satin, sequins, and rock n' roll love. 

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