Any Old Iron Black Firefly Sequin Blazer

$ 1,250

What do you and a firefly have in common? You glow from within, yet love to share your shine with the world! Much like you and a firefly, the Any Old Iron Black Firefly Sequin Blazer glistens with a golden hue. The jacket features an exquisite, abstract pattern of black and gold sequins, that completely covers the coat. This black and gold sequined slim-fit blazer is complimented with a satin lapel and interior lining, which adds to the luxury! If that doesn't do it for ya, the pockets will! Along the front of the blazer, two deep pockets can be found to hold any essentials you may need. A third pocket can be found within the interior lining to house your more intimate items. In addition to the third pocket, on the interior of the jacket, you will find a silky, smooth satin lining for optimal comfort. Needless to say, this jacket will blow the night away and light up every room it enters. 

Medium in stock

Customs sizes available, email for details. If you have any questions or concerns, please DM us. 

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