Any Old Iron PB Bomber

$ 500

Bombs away! AOI has dropped the Any Old Iron PB Bomber! This cropped bomber jacket is made out of a twinkling array of shimmering rose pink sequins. With the swipe of a hand, the soft rose pink sequins will flip to lagoon blue green. This jacket, also, features a sequin stripe down the arms for a little extra oomph. As if that wasn't enough to have you wanting your very own PB Bomber, the exterior pockets and satin interior lining will! Not to mention, with a black ribbed cuff and hemline and the utilization of both cool and warm palettes, this jacket will match anything. 

This jacket is only available for custom orders. It will take about 7-10 days for it to be shipped to you. If you have any questions or concerns, please DM us. 

This bomber is made out of 100% sequins and satin. To care for your jacket, please get it dry-cleaned. If there are tiny problem areas, you may resort to spot cleaning for a quick fix. To do so, please be sure to use cool water and a mild soap, rinse gently, and allow the garment to hang to dry. Any other form of care may damage the material. 

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