Any Old Iron Riff Raff Suit

$ 1,250

Change the world for the better one rhinestone at a time in the Any Old Iron Riff Raff Suit! This black blazer and straight-legged trouser ensemble brings a little sparkle wherever it goes; for, a rhinestone pyramid design can be see twinkling away as the lights dances amongst the surface. This rhinestone embellishment can be found along the lapel, down the shoulders and onto the arms, and even atop each pocket flap. The refined elegance doesn't stop there; for, the rhinestones are also applied along the trousers. While the pyramid rhinestones are what caught your eye, the other attributes will have you falling in love. This suit comes with interior and exterior pockets on the jacket, a satin interior lining all throughout, and a promise to standout. Needless to say, this is the perfect suit for anyone who wants to make a chic statement, loves the roaring 20's, and so on! Not to mention, the suit can be worn separate to spruce up other outfits. All this suit needs is someone, who can bring the shimmer in their personality alone!

Mens Suits and Jackets 

Chest 37.5 38.5 40.5 42.5 44.5

Our male model is wearing our size 40 chest and 34 waist, which is in stock. If that is not your go to size, no need to fret; for, this suit is available for custom orders. If you do order custom, it will take about seven days for you to receive your new suit! The jacket can be bought separately. If you have any questions or concerns, please DM us. 

To care for your suit, please get it dry-cleaned. If there are tiny problem areas, you may resort to spot cleaning for a quick remedy. To do so, please be sure to use cool water and a mild soap. Rinse gently with your fingertips and allow the garment to hang to dry. 

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