Any Old Iron Nashville Suit

$ 1,350
What is more Nashville than wearing a suit that embodies the city's spirit? Absolutely nothing, unless you pair it with some cowboy boots and hit the honky tonks! The Any Old Iron Nashville Suit pays tribute to Music City with each detail, from the westernized sequin yoke to the trouser's sequin stripe. These show-stopping sequins flip from a radiant red to a shimmering silver, which is perfect for any performer or eclectic cowboy. Along with the sequin work, this suit features interior and exterior pockets, a single back vent flap, and a pair of fit and flare trousers. It is an ideal ensemble for any event, from attending your favorite country artist's concert at the Opry to sitting front row at Nashville's very own Fashion Week. All it needs is you, whether you're a Nashville native or newbie!
This suit is not available in store; however, it is available for online ordering and custom orders. If you have any questions or concerns, please DM us. 
To care for your 100% wool blend and sequin suit, please get it dry-cleaned. Any other form of care could damage the material. 

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