Any Old Iron Men's Pink Bowie Jacket

$ 1,400

Like Bowie, you may not know where you are going or how you got here, but you know that with AOI, nothing will ever be boring! At least, the proof is in the pudding with the Any Old Iron Men's Pink Bowie Jacket; for, this jacket was made with all the show-stopping qualities you could think of. This blazer is decked out in reversible, glossy hot pink sequins, which flip to a vibrant silver with the swipe of a hand, from the front to the back. While this exquisite use of color and shine is what caught your eye, the statement Bowie lapel will be what does you in. This lapel is structured to resemble lightning bolts, descending on each side of the jacket until they meet in the middle. Along with the bolts, this jacket comes with exterior and interior pockets; a satin interior lining; a single back vent flap; and all the drama you could hope for. It is the perfect outer layer for any event; all it needs is you to dress it up or down!

We only have one jacket in stock in store, which is the S ( size 38). This jacket is available for custom orders. If you have any questions or concerns, please DM us. 

To care for your jacket, please get it dry-cleaned. This jacket is made with 100% satin and sequins. 

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