Any Old Iron Hologram Suit

$ 1,650

Reality is a hologram, so why not dress like it in a piece that is named after the illusion itself? The Any Old Iron Hologram Suit is is a blazer and straight-leg ensembles that is decked out in a reversible sequin fabric. These sequins appear to be a radiant hot pink; however, with the swipe of a hand, these shimmering pink sequins will flip to a glistening gold. While the brilliant shine is what brought you here, the suit's other attributes will make it hard for you to leave without placing an order. The jacket comes with a series of pockets on the exterior layer and a few within the interior lining; a single back vent for ample ventilation; and a silky satin, hot pink interior lining that aides in comfortability. Not to mention, the fitted trousers, also, come with three pockets in total and a silky satin interior lining.  

This suit is available for custom orders and is available to be purchased as separates. If you have any questions or concerns, please DM us.  

To care for your 100% sequin and satin suit, please get it dry-cleaned. If there are tiny problem areas, you may resort to spot cleaning for a quick fix. To spot clean, please be sure to wash the interior lining; for, it is what captures scents. Please be sure to use a mild soap and cool water. Rinse gently with your fingertips and allow the suit to hang to dry. 

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