Any Old Iron Golden Yeehaw suit

$ 850

Saddle up and hold on tight because AOI has released a sparkling bucking bronco: the Any Old Iron Golden Yeehaw suit. This suit features a cotton jacket, which have been embellished with a gold leather trim, and a pair of straight leg pants. The jacket features a golden leather lapel, an accented golden seam, two golden leather pockets, and golden leather fringe along the underside of each arm. Within the interior of the jacket, a silky smooth satin ling can be found for optimal comfort. It is the perfect ensemble for any southern-singing, western-wearing, yeehaw-yodeling individual.

This suit is available for custom orders. If you have any questions, please DM us. Our model is wearing a size medium (size 32 waist, size 40 jacket).

To care for your suit, please get it dry-cleaned. Any improper cleaning may damage the leather on the suit. This suit is made out of 100% cotton, satin, and leather. 

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