Any Old Iron Diamanté Lapel Blazer

$ 950

Nothing screams "stone cold fox" more than a sleek blazer dripping in ice. The Any Old Iron Diamanté Lapel Blazer is a sophisticated, fitted blazer, with brilliant Diamanté details on the lapels. The jacket, also, features pockets, both, on the exterior and the interior to stow away any essentials you may need. In addition to a pocket, the interior of the jacket is lined in satin and has a stunning gold piping. Along the back hem of the blazer, there is a vent for ample ventilation. Needless to say, it is the perfect jacket for any event, from a business holiday party to a cocktail reception and from a red carpet premiere to your wedding day! All it needs is to be styled with flare, like only you know how to do!

This suit is made to order. Customs sizes are available, for details. If you do place a custom order, allow 7-10 days for production.

To care or your jacket, please get it dry-cleaned. If there are tiny problem areas, you may resort to spot-cleaning for a quick fix. To do so, please be sure to use cool water and a mild soap. Rinse gently with your fingertips and allow the garment to hang to dry. This jacket is made out of 100% satin, rhinestones, and a cotton blend. 

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